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DJI Osmo

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Remember those days when cameras and camcorders were the size of a briefcase? We were happy to just capture our memories with these bulky devices, no matter how crude and grainy the results were. Nowadays, with our phones having more power than what most professional cameras had 10 years ago, we’re finding more creative ways to capture our memories. With small and robust devices like the GoPro allowing us to really be in the action, we’re starting to crave for more professional grade images and videos.

The key to capturing truly professional quality video and images is image stabilization. What was once an amateur video that seemed to shake at every step you took, stabilizers can give you that ultra smooth movements we’re used to seeing in cinematic shots from movies. We’ve seen devices like the Aeon GoPro Stabilizer that can aid with your cinematography, but what if you wanted a dedicated all-in-one device that can do it all?

Mostly know for their stellar drones, DJI introduces the Osmo. The DJI Osmo can capture 4K videos and take still shots with its 12M pixel sensor. Although the Osmo doesn’t have a dedicated viewfinder, you can attach your smartphone to the side and use the dedicated app to control the camera. More than anything else, the Osmo has been optimized for action shots so that it can capture professional quality video without a flinch even while you are moving, helping you create with more freedom than ever. Other features include an Automatic Panorama mode that makes taking 360 shots easier than ever as well as a Time-lapse mode to capture the passage of time.

At $649, the price may seem to be at par with similar cameras. However, if you consider that the DJI Osmo’s features and image stabilization capabilities, the price starts to be more reasonable. If you’d like to take one step closer to creating professional quality action shots, you can pick one up at their online store.