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Aeon GoPro Stabilizer

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The GoPro is a great tool to capture those moments that have been difficult for regular cameras, as its compact design and portability allows for more creative camera placements. For those leading an active lifestyle that wish to capture their adventures, there’s nothing quite like it. When mounted correctly, the images that are captured from these small devices can be captivating and immersive. Despite the flexibility of the GoPro, it was always a challenge to correctly stabilize the videos, as it had a tendency to capture every single movement of the camera.

The Aeon GoPro Stabilizer is the perfect tool to make buttery smooth videos for that extra polished look. More than the stellar image stabilization, its compact and ergonomic design makes it the perfect companion for those moments when the GoPro needs to actively follow a moving subject. No longer do you have to resort to the robotic and rigid stabilizers that restricted where the camera can be, making it perfect for those hand-held shots with abrupt directional changes. The LCD screen and joystick make it easy for you to see your images and adjust the camera angle in real time. The battery that can last up to 6 hours and is charged via USB, which can also be used to connect other GoPro accessories.

With the Aeon GoPro Stabilizer we no longer have to inhumanely stealth walk like a ninja trying to minimize shaking, giving you more freedom to focus on creating stunning videos. To give Aeon your support, head over to their Indiegogo page.