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Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X

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The much talked about Tesla Model X is finally here, and from the looks of it Elon Musk’s latest creation is as awesome as we had hoped it to be. First of all, the production version will retain the Falcon Wing doors that make the car look like a prop from a sci-fi movie. Even the large all-glass windshield that extends beyond the A-pillars adds to the futuristic look.

It is well known that Tesla has written its own rules in an industry that has been stagnant since the inception of the automobile. Not only did they reimagine how cars were sold (irritating established dealerships in the process), more importantly they provided constant updates for their cars, much like how our smart phones’ software gets updated when new features roll out. The electric nature of their cars made this possible since new features were a quick software update away. The Tesla Model X will follow this approach as Musk estimates that the car will be able to travel 620 miles within a year or two and expects the car to be fully autonomous in three years.

The all-wheel-drive Tesla Model X is powered by a 90 kWh battery that provides 250 miles of range while zero to 60 only takes 3.2 seconds. The interior design is familiar as it is almost a carbon copy of the Model S. What is different is that the car will come in seven or six seat layouts for those that needed more space compared to the Model S. Owners of the Model S have expressed little dissatisfaction with their cars and interiors, but we’ve always felt that some of the switch gear borrowed from Mercedes-Benz as well as material quality could be of a higher caliber for such a premium vehicle. However, what it lacks in material quality it more than makes up for it with the “Bioweapon Defense Mode.” Yes, that is really a thing in this car, taking advantage of the car’s massive air filter to protect its occupants against pretty much any apocalyptic scenario. Speaking of protection, it can also protect against more realistic threats of accidents as the Model X is the first SUV to get five stars in every crash test category.

To get your hands on one of these bunkers on wheels, you will have to wait until next year as estimated delivery for new orders are planned to start in the second half of 2016.