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Tsportline Tesla Model S Yoke Steering Wheel

Tsportline Yoke Offers Frustrated Tesla Model S Owners A Chance To Have A Complete Steering Wheel

A product designed for frustrated Model S owners.

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$ 3,500

Tesla Tuner Tsportline offers a unique aftermarket product for Tesla Model S owners who are potentially frustrated with the new Yoke steering wheel. This product is a Yoke steering wheel fitted with a top section to make it a complete wheel. The Tsportline Tesla Yoke Steering Wheel is constructed using carbon fiber with 3M metal and Baltic birch plywood. The completed wheel is sealed with polyurethane adhesive to block moisture and prevent cracking or deformation. Customers can option the Tsportline yoke with leather upholstery for an additional cost. The entire building process claims to take two weeks.

Moreover, the T Sportline Tesla Yoke steering wheel works with the OEM airbag. The only downside of this aftermarket wheel is that the heated steering wheel feature is not available. This could be a potential deal-breaker for Tesla owners who opted for the cold weather package. The cost of this new, completed yoke steering wheel starts at $3,500. An expensive modification to have a regular steering wheel, but if you are tired of dealing with only half a wheel, this could be your saving grace. One cannot help but assume that some non-Tesla owners are getting a good laugh out of this product.

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