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MOMO Prototipo Black Edition

MOMO Releases A Stealth Spec Variant Of Its Ionic Prototipo Steering Wheel Called the Black Edition

You can have this MOMO steering wheel in any color, so long as it’s black.

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$ 395

The steering wheel is often the proverbial cherry on top of a completed dream car. You can’t drive without one, and it is a part of the vehicle where a driver connects the most with the machine. A steering wheel is a bridge to feeling the road and experiencing the romance of handling the G-force through the corners. Since 1966, MOMO has been catering to this with their signature series of steering wheels for road and track vehicles. Now, MOMO has released a new spec of its iconic Prototipo steering wheel called the Black Edition.

The MOMO Prototipo Black Edition is available in any color – so long as it’s black. The Prototipo Black Edition is a stealth spec steering wheel. The wheel features black cross stitching with a matte black face horn button. The Prototipo logo is dressed in gloss black, as is the MOMO arrow logo. The black-painted spokes extend to the premium leather grip of the steering wheel. The MOMO Prototipo Black Edition is available now. The only thing left to discuss is what sort of vehicle interior would be best suited for a stealth black MOMO wheel. A vintage Porsche 911 Carrera? Or a resto modded muscle car from the 1960s? For someone, this wheel is the final piece of the puzzle in turning a dream car into a reality.