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DJI Osmo Plus

DJI Osmo Plus

The stellar gimbal returns with an integrated zoom camera.

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The DJI Osmo found quite a bit of success thanks to its stellar image stabilization and easy to use design. It’s been hailed as the the perfect companion for vloggers, as they can walk around without worrying about shaky-cam. Despite the Osmo being a stellar product, one area has left users wanting, and that was the lack of a zoom function.

Their latest product is DJI’s first gimbal with an integrated zoom camera, so you can get closer to your subjects for more control over your composition than ever before. DJI Osmo Plus offers 7x zoom with 3.5x optical zoom paired with 2x digital lossless zoom, giving the user a focal then from 27mm to 77mm. It still retains the gimbal’s stellar image stabilization, giving you more creative freedom to capture the world around you.