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DJI Osmo Mobile 2

DJI Osmo Mobile 2

The leading smartphone gimbal gets an upgrade with a higher tilting range and a longer battery life.

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Shaky handheld cameras were all the rage in The Blair Witch Project and maybe even Cloverfield, but the nausea-inducing technique has quickly fallen out of favor as soon as the novelty factor wore off. It’s time to return to traditional cinematography techniques of a steady camera, with the DJI Osmo Mobile 2.

The Osmo Mobile 2 is a gimbal — a smartphone video camera stabilization device that has an arrangement of motors and sensors that work together to detect and compensate for your shaky camera operation. The resulting videographic footage is impressive. Whether you like to improve the quality of your vlogs, shoot an independent film on your phone, or take panoramic selfies with you and 200 of your best friends, the Osmo Mobile 2 is a feature-packed and incredibly lightweight stabilizer for the job.

The DJI Osmo Mobile 2 surpasses the original version to feature higher mechanical range and a battery life that lasts 3 times as longer, not to mention a much more accommodating price point of $129 MSRP.