Division Road Army Work Club Capsule Collection

Military Wear Meets Workwear In The Division Road Army Work Club Capsule Collection

The Division Road Army Work Club Capsule Collection offers a jacket, pants, and a pair of boots inspired by an industrious heritage.

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When tossing on a jacket and lacing up your boots, you’re not always considering what the world might throw at you the rest of the day. You want comfort, warmth, and style. The Division Road Amy Work Club Capsule Collection offers that and so much more. Designed using military work wear construction while combining it with motor club looks and durable material, this jacket will stand up to whatever might come your way. Each pair of pants — the AWC 502DR Serviceman cargo and the AWC 602DR Tradesman — are made out of olive drab whipcord and black selvedge twill, respectively. Those materials served the workers who built the industrious heritage of the region that inspired this collection.

The footwear in the collection is made to tackle the rugged northwestern terrain that Division Road hails from. The AWC Foreman is an industrial boot with a classic wingtip stitching and color combo, with the white stitching against black leather and a brown leather top. The Vibram 4014 Christy Sole adds a comfortable foundation to boots made to withstand being worn, no matter how brash and brazen the path they traverse becomes.