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Compound in the Hudson Valley by Rangr Studio

Rangr Studio Designs A Stunning Minimalist Compound In The Hudson Valley

Modern design meets rustic charm inside of the Compound in the Hudson Valley by Rangr Studio.

The Compound in the Hudson Valley by Rangr Studio sits surreptitiously within a 75-acre lot nestled in the stunning Colombia County, New York countryside. Its exterior is reminiscent of a farm home that was built brick-by-brick by hands that knew the meaning of a hard day’s work all too well. Inside, a modern aesthetic is accentuated by the rustic charm latent throughout the two-story, seven-bedroom home. The union of modern design and countryside decor is epitomized by the fire stove that hangs from the roof of the covered outdoor terrace.

The 6,000 square foot home is supplemented by a 900 square foot guest house that is perfect for entertaining visitors that seek to escape the hustle and bustle of city life. A barn on the property also provides ample space for activities during winter in the countryside, making it a perfect destination to host during the holidays. From its stone steps to its shingled roof, the compound is built with materials that are the embodiment of its environment.