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CMRA Apple Watch Camera

Capture HD photo and video, right from your wrist with your Apple Watch.

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The Apple Watch has dominated the smart watch market by putting notifications and app control right on your wrist. It still lacks a camera, which would make the smart watch into a Dick Tracy-like communicator on your wrist — a feature that would definitely add to the must-have-factor of the Apple Watch.

CMRA is an attacheable strap with two HD cameras for the Apple Watch, instantly turning it into a wrist-watch communicator that we’ve seen in movies. The two HD cameras, front and rear facing, connect to your watch that allows you to capture HD videos in a tap so you can capture, chat, and share in an instant. The CMRA syncs seamlessly with your Apple Watch and iPhone, so you can store, edit, and share on your favorite apps. There’s even an available dual charging dock that charges your Apple Watch and CMRA at the same time. Perfect for sharing those unexpected moments with the world, the CMRA adds that one feature that takes the Apple Watch from a great smart watch to a must have gadget.