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Bloom Smart Scent Dispensing Planter

Freshen The Air In Your Home With Bloom Smart Scent Dispensing Planter

Bloom offers a discreet yet beautiful way to simultaneously freshen and accessorize your space.

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Consumer goods corporation, Proctor & Gamble has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo for its new product, Bloom Smart Scent Dispensing Planter. Bloom uses a hands-free smart motion sensor to detect when someone enters the room, then automatically releases its fresh scent. The Bloom Smart Scent Dispensing Planter also functions as décor disguised as a potted plant. Not only that, but this little beauty features a motion-activated night light for a three-in-one product that works in any space. Procter & Gamble says they didn’t use dyes, plasticizers, or formaldehyde to create this one-of-a-kind air freshener. And the company offers three scents, including Fresh Dewdrop, Lavender Fields, and Crisp Greenery.

Project Bloom is a group of passionate scientists, engineers, product developers, and designers at Procter & Gamble. The company says the air fresheners on the market lack aesthetics and also scent consistency. To that end, The Bloom Smart Scent Dispensing Planter raises the bar for air freshening products. It has already become a 2023 finalist in the Gia Global Innovation Awards for home and housewares product design excellence.

Bloom provides an easy-to-use set-up, with two cartridges and a green light that activates when it’s ready to go. Supporters receive a Priority Pricing Starter Kit at 35% off retail, with one Bloom device, a faux plant, and a one-month supply of Bloom Scent. Proctor & Gamble has scheduled manufacturing to start in June 2023 and has plans to begin shipping in October of this year.

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