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Bernard Flask

Bernard Flask

A gorgeous flask made with oak from upcycled whiskey barrels and ceramic.

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Carrying a flask can be a bit like a badge of dishonor; it represents a degree of rebelliousness masked by mystique. It can also be useful too, especially when you secretly need a bit of liquid courage or need to quickly warm up on a cold night. The Bernard Flask focuses on the positives of carrying a flask, inspired by the imagery of St. Bernard dogs carrying a small barrel of brandy on their collars.

The collection of stoneware flasks focuses on materials of the earth; wood, ceramic, and magnets. At the heart of its eye-catching design is the contrast between the colors and materials. The caps are made from black walnuts or reclaimed oak from whiskey barrels, sourced from Lexington, Kentucky, while the body is finished with five texturally unique ceramic glazes matte black, grey, red, white, or glossy blue. Not only does the flask utilize upcycled whiskey barrels, they will plant a tree in the most needed areas for every flask sold, in partnership with The Nature Conservancy and their Plant a Billion campaign. To get your hands on one of these flask, you can head over to their Kickstarter campaign to learn more.