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High Camp Torch Pocket Flask

Carry Your Preferred Spirit With High Camp’s Torch Pocket Flask

A pocket-sized flask that holds 180 ml of your favorite beverage.

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$ 99

High Camp bills itself as the bridge between the craft beverage market and the outdoors. The San Francisco-based company’s new Torch Pocket Flask is the ideal gift for yourself or others who want an easily accessible way to drink a toast to a day’s good hiking progress.

The 6 oz/ 180-ml flask is outfitted with a magnetically attached 3 oz shot glass, perfect for enjoying your favorite beverage on the go. It is double-wall insulated, which keeps its contents at a constant temperature. Unlike other pocket flasks, you can even add ice.

The shot glass is designed in the style of a Japanese sake shooter, and the insulated flask will even hold a hot beverage at temperature for several hours. This flask’s funnel-free filling is a fine feature, as is its removable bottom cap that spans the entire width of the flask for easy filling and cleaning.

The 100% 18/8 stainless steel Torch flask is the latest in High Camp’s flasks designed for camping with both a Firelight 375 ml and Firelight 750 ml flask models. The inner flask is coated using Electrogloss™ technology to ensure a pure flavor and easy cleaning. The High Camp Torch Pocket Flask is available for $99 from and comes in a choice of gunmetal or copper.

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