Beer Keg Bike Sidecar

See this empty beer keg transform into a one-of-a-kind bicycle sidecar.

Headquartered in Munster, Germany, Laura Kampf describes herself as an artist, designer, maker, and content creator. Believing that “the process is the product,” Kampf not only presents her work with well-deserved pride but also documents its creation in videos that are every bit as much works of art as the objects that they feature.

After the success of her Suitcase Boombox project and accompanying video, Kampf is back with the Beer Keg Bike Sidecar. Over the course of a stylish six and a half minute video, you’ll see her transform an ordinary empty beer keg into a one-of-a-kind bicycle sidecar. The Beer Keg Bike Sidecar can be seen in action, serving as a perfect tote for a substantial amount of gear and even a full-size car battery.