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Beanplus My Dutch

Beanplus My Dutch Cold Brew Coffee Maker

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Often used interchangeably, cold brew coffee and Dutch coffee are actually distinct styles of brewing coffee. Dutch brewing is a type of cold brew that is more delicate, extracting more complex flavors with a fuller body. It uses ice cold water that is dripped over freshly ground coffee grinds for 3 to 12 hours, taking less than most cold brews.

The Beanplus My Dutch is an innovative Dutch coffee maker that elevates Dutch coffee brewing to a new level, thanks to its innovative clean-drip valve that extracts all the flavors from the coffee grind. This allows you to enjoy a more complex and satisfying flavor compared to regular coffee and even cold brew. The design of the My Dutch also keeps the temperature more even, as it recirculates the cold air within the brewer, giving you a more consistent drip. To see the My Dutch in action, check out the video below.