Aura Apple Watch Strap

Elevate Your Apple Watch With This Smart Strap

The Aura Apple Watch Strap is perfect for active lifestyles, empowering users with a bioimpedance analysis element to monitor health stats.

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$ 99

The Apple Watch already has a number of fitness features built directly into the device. However, to fully transform your watch into the ultimate fitness device you need the strap to offer some additional benefits as well. With the Aura Apple Watch Strap you finally have that. This strap adds the benefit of a bioimpedance analysis element at the rear of your watch. When wearing the strap it will fit directly against the underside of your wrist. It combines with the sensors already present within your watch you’ll be able to monitor more than just your heart rate, it also provides in-depth analytics of fat and muscle volume and overall hydration levels.

The Aura Apple Watch Strap comes in 2 different sizes. The smallest is a 38/40 mm strap and the second is a 42/44 mm strap. The Apple Watch accessory is currently in its presale stage with deliveries set to arrive by April 14th.