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2007 Saleen S7 LM

This 2007 Saleen S7 LM Is A Rare Uncut Supercar

Ultra rare 2007 Saleen S7 LM is a 1,000 hp supercar with no computer-assisted driver aids, a manual transmission, and 240 mph top speed.

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Bring a Trailer is currently auctioning off a prime example of raw supercar potential — a 2007 Saleen S7 recommissioned in 2018 to LM spec. Only a small number of S7 models were given this upgrade making it rare, and with less than 200 miles showing on the odometer, this Saleen S7 LM may be one of the cleanest examples in the world. The LM spec focused on performance. Its all-aluminum 7.0-liter V8 engine is factory rated to produce 1,000 horsepower, and 850 lb-ft of torque and rests behind the driver’s seat. These numbers may be average by today’s modern hypercars, but the Saleen S7 offers something those cars can’t – three pedals. Saleen claims the S7 LM can max out at 240 mph using a six-speed manual transaxle and a limited-slip differential.

Additional upgrades on the LM include an adjustable rear wing, an intake scoop mounted on the roof, a rear lip spoiler, diffuser, side skirts, air vents, and an enclosed underbody. All these aero-upgrades are designed to help slice through the air to reach that 240 mph top speed. A lack of computer-assisted driver aids means that any mistakes while driving this supercar are up to you to correct, and with 1,000 hp there is no room for error. This is a supercar that requires superman’s nerves of steel. At the time of this publication, the current bid sits at $501,000 with ten days left on the auction.