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Zero Gravity Racks

Zero Gravity Racks

Free up precious floor space and think upwards by storing your items up and away from the ground.

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Although designed to store your car indoors, most garages have been reduced to a glorified storage space for all the stuff you don’t know what to do with in your house. Large items like bicycles, canoes, skis, and anything that doesn’t seem to belong in the house gets relegated to the garage. It’s a tragedy that the garage has become so filled with junk that it’s become almost impossible to find space for your car.

The ingenious but simple solution from Zero Gravity Racks allows you to reclaim your garage space for your car by providing an all-purpose storage solution. It’s a simple idea that works incredibly well by allowing you to keep your items stored up and away from the ground. Installing is a breeze and raising or lowering the rack, which can hold items weighing up to 50 lbs, is made easy thanks to the gas struts with compressed air. So open up precious floor space in your garage, office, or your apartment.