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Stage Interactive Shelf

Stage Interactive Shelf

A tidy solution to manage and organize all of your unsightly charging cables.

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With so many electronic devices in our lives these days, their charging cables on our desk, night stand, table, and pretty much any imaginable surface can quickly become unsightly. Seems like we’re slowly moving away from these cables with wireless charging that’s becoming more prevalent in the market, but in all truthfulness cables are not going anywhere for a while.

The Stage Interactive Shelf by Dutch product design label Spell alleviates this problem by offering a smart cable management solution within a sleek package. What appears to be a simple shelf reveals a hidden secret, as it slides out to reveal a space to change your gear as well as enough room for a five-strip plug. Available in a variety of finishes to match your interior, including oak, walnut, or simple black or white, this is for those minimalists that just cannot stand the sight of cables.