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WD My Passport Wireless Pro

WD My Passport Wireless Pro

A completely wireless external hard drive, perfect for creative professionals that are always on the go.

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With most of our data living on our mobile devices, it seems odd that our work still remains tied down with wires. Photographers and videographers do most of their work on the go, but their data still requires a stable wired connection, making their workflow less than convenient. To alleviate this, Western Digital gives us the My Passport Wireless Pro, a large capacity portable external hard drive that puts our data right there where we need it, wirelessly.

Perfect for creative professionals that are always on the go, it offers easy solutions for you to offload, edit, and stream photos, hi-def video, as well as other large files without being encumbered by wires. Built in 802.11ac technology, integrated SD 3.0 reader, USB 3.0, as well as all day battery life of up to 10 hours that can also provide power to your mobile devices are only a few of the features that make this a standout. For those media junkies that can’t live without their TV shows and movies, you can also use it as a portable media server through Plex that will beautifully organize all of your media. Available in 2TB and 3TB versions, it should be able to simplify the way you access your data on the road.