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Zepp Old Hickory Smart Bat

Zepp Old Hickory Smart Bat

For those serious about their sport, its important to put in the time to practice. However, for sports like baseball or golf, practicing with the wrong form will only strengthen your mistakes and errors. To counter this, we’ve seen everything from athletes resorting to analyzing video recordings of their swing to attaching sensors to their equipment to improve themselves. Zepp has been at the forefront of bringing new technology to athletes, giving them the tools to better their performance with insights that we could not have dreamt of before.

Now, they have taken things a step further by teaming up with 2014 American League MPV Mike Trout and Old Hickory Bat Company. Mike Trout has been using bats from Old Hickory since high school, so when it came to creating a smart bat, it became an obvious choice. The Mike Trout Old Hickory Smart Bat Powered by Zepp can give players and coaches the accurate data that they need to improve their swing with its built in sensors. Since the bat doesn’t rely on any external devices, it eliminates potential distractions for both the player and their opponents, allowing for a more natural reading of the player’s swing. If you had to let go of your high school MLB dreams, maybe this smart bat will give you the confidence that you once needed and deserve.