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Woodio Block Toilet

Woodio Wins Design Plus Award For World’s First Solid Wood Composite Toilet Seat

Woodio’s material is an innovative combination of solid wood and resin.

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Finnish design brand, Woodio, has won the Design Plus Award for its Woodio Block wall-hung toilet seat. The product is made from solid wood composite and offers a sustainable alternative to traditional ceramic bathroom products. Woodio aims to change the traditional material norms used in bathrooms and kitchens, and the Woodio Block wall-hung toilet seat is just one example of the company’s innovative approach to design.

A wall-hung toilet seat creates space in the bathroom since the floor space is left free. The toilet seat has a soft-closing lid and a seat that is pre-installed and included in the package. The toilet seat is suitable with most flushing systems on the market according to the EU standard EN 14055: 2010.

Woodio’s patented cast molding technology uses mostly renewable resources, including locally sourced aspen and side streams from the Finnish forest industry. The Woodio Block toilet seat has a 99% reduced CO2 footprint compared to ceramic products and offers three significant advantages over its traditional counterparts. First, the Woodio material is impact-resistant, making the seat practically unbreakable in normal use. Second, the surfaces are easy to keep clean because of the material’s dirt-repellent coating. Third, thanks to the high wood content of the material, the toilet seat feels warm on the skin to sit on.

Petro Lahtinen, the Founder and CEO of Woodio, said, “the demand for ecological products is growing rapidly. However, the bathroom sector has currently only been able to come up with solutions for reducing water consumption, but there has not been much progress in the material development side in this regard.” The Woodio Block toilet seat offers a solution to this problem and sets the stage for more sustainable household products to come.

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