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Royal North Company Wooden Whiskey Tumblers

Wooden Whiskey Tumblers

Whiskey was meant to be enjoyed in wooden tumblers.

Whiskey’s flavor is hugely determined by the oak barrel it has been aged in. Despite how good a whiskey may be, we always want to improve its taste by enriching the smooth oaky flavor of our favorite golden sprit. We’ve even seen products like wooden bottles and wooden pieces that attempts to add more of the oaky flavor, even after the whiskey has left its barrel.

Now you can improve your drinking experience as well by making the visual connection between the oaky smoothness of your favorite whiskey and what’s in your hand with the Wooden Whiskey Tumblers by Royal North Company; the wooden texture in your hand and against your lips will feel like it has accentuated the smooth oaky aroma and taste with every sip.