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Williamstown Beach by Steve Domoney Architecture

Williamstown Beach by Steve Domoney Architecture

When building a home next to a beach, there isn’t a whole lot one needs to do than just plop down a house to make it marketable, as the views and beachfront access alone will do much of the heavy lifting for you. However, for those willing to go that extra mile to make their coastal house special, a regular house or McMansion will only let such a remarkable site go to waste. Steve Domoney Architecture saw the potential of such site when they set out to design on Williamstown Beach, as their priorities were not just to capitalize on the fantastic building site but also to capture the essence of what that location can offer through architecture.

For this house, Steve Domoney Architecture made careful considerations on how to maintain the beachfront experience from all areas within the house. In addition to allowing the occupants to maximize on the amazing views, the architect echoed the visual relationship between the house and the surrounding beach through the use of carefully selected materials, such as limestone and wood.

The resulting coastal home not only provides a private sanctuary in the suburb of Melbourne but also captures the essence of the gorgeous Australian coast.

Via ArchDaily