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Vilac Keith Haring Dominoes

Vilac Keith Haring Dominoes

The jovial Keith Haring Dominoes by Vilac puts a colorful twist on a classic game.

The game of domino is a rather involving game of strategy, but for the most of us, we’re just familiar with lining them up and feeling a strange sense of satisfaction as everything topples over in series. It might be a painful process to set up, but the falling of domino blocks seems to satisfy and entertain everyone from children to adults.

Next time you have the urge to set up a trail of domino blocks, or if you actually want to play dominoes, add more color and flair with the Keith Haring Dominoes by Vilac,makers of charming children’s toys. Although made for children, the block faces feature playful Keith Haring artworks that should satisfy children as well as fans of modern art.