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Vifa Stockholm

Vifa Stockholm

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If you want a set of speakers for your house that not only sounds good but also looks the part, there may not be a whole lot of options. Because of the physics required to produce good sound, many speakers worth listening to can look out of place in well designed spaces, with bulky forms taking up space and standing out like a child at a classical music concert demanding attention.

The Vifa Stockholm sets out of remedy that by blending clean and modern design with superb sound quality and a multitude of connectivity options for today’s listeners. This means that you can play all of your tunes in style, no matter what the format is.

The woven textile covers come in a variety of colors to match your interior design or your mood. Although the speaker has been designed to be as cohesive with your interior decor, the choice of colors may be just the right touch to provide enough pop for your speakers to add a bit of design flare for your apartment or house.