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Ultra-Light And Ultra-Powerful, The Reimagined VAIO Z

The VAIO Z laptop is the world’s first contoured carbon fiber laptop featuring a 14″ screen size with 4K resolution.

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$ 3,579+

The VAIO Z will ring a bell for some who may recall Sony launching an ultraportable laptop of the same name over a decade ago. Sony stopped producing computers in 2014 when the brand sold off that part of its business to a consortium that ultimately became Vaio Corporation. Since then, Vaio has been producing laptops, the latest being the resurrection of the VAIO Z. Thanks to a breakthrough in carbon fiber production, the new VAIO Z laptop is, according to the company, the world’s first laptop to sport a “3D molded full carbon fiber body,” as in each carbon fiber piece is contoured around all sides on the lid, the palm rest, and the base assembly. Previously, VAIO could only use flat carbon fiber sheets, so it had to rely on metallic or plastic parts to hold those together.

Weighing just a little under 2.3lbs, the VAIO Z laptop packs a 14-inch 4K anti-glare LCD, along with a backlit keyboard featuring an improved 1.5mm key pitch stroke. The VAIO Z is packed with an 11th-generation Intel Core i7-11375H mobile processor from the top-of-the-line H series to provide big performance. Three of the four configurations available come with 16GB of RAM, while the top model comes with 32GB, while solid-state storage ranges from 512GB to 2TB. Vaio includes a few handy security features, such as a built-in shutter to allow you to cover up your webcam and something it calls User Sensing, a system that combines motion sensing and facial recognition to allow hands-free login when the Z detects you in front of the screen but will lock automatically when you move away from the laptop. Preorders are currently being taken, but it is unclear at this time when the VAIO Z will ship.

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