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'The Polerouter Book'

‘The Polerouter’ Is A Symbol Of 1950s Glamour And Adventure

The world’s first book to focus on the Polerouter by Universal Genève.

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There are many impressive luxury coffee table books available that celebrate the accomplishments of the world’s best horologists. From Patek Philippe to Rolex and Audemars Piguet, these books capture the intricacies of precision engineering and the aesthetic beauty of these iconic watch designs. The latest addition to this growing bibliography of high-end books for watch lovers is The Polerouter Book by Willis and Mazzucchi, with a deep focus on the titular release by Universal Genève

This is the definitive book on the subject, featuring highly detailed commentary and insights from expert authors. Everything from the history of the design to its various diverse forms over the subsequent years is explored with fascinating facts and meticulous research.

This narrative is given ample visual support throughout the book from stunning photographs of various timepieces that capture their fine detail and materials. Additional images add extra weight to the presentation, including vintage technical drawings, archived advertising materials, and other records and catalogs.

Willis and Mazzucchi have left no stone unturned in The Polerouter Book, with their extensive research uncovering 120 of the rarest Polerouters worldwide. Thanks to their full access to the Universal Genève archives, it offers a never-before-seen opportunity to explore one of the most fascinating chapters in the history of luxury watches.

Beginning with the trans-polar flights by Scandinavian Airlines and the subsequent evolution of the brand, this book is an essential volume for any horology enthusiast.

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