Introducing The MING 37.04 Rose Gold Monopusher: A Gem Of Precision And Luxury - IMBOLDN
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MING 37.04 Rose Gold Monopusher

Introducing The MING 37.04 Rose Gold Monopusher: A Gem Of Precision And Luxury

In this limited-edition masterpiece, MING combines the warmth of 18K 5N rose gold with a deeper guilloche pattern.

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$ 53,180

MING, the innovative watchmaker known for its precision and unique designs, is back with a stunning addition to its collection. Meet the MING 37.04 Rose Gold Monopusher, the brand’s first-ever precious metal timepiece. This limited edition watch, limited to just 20 pieces, is a true masterpiece in the world of horology.

The 37.04 Rose Gold Monopusher features a scintillating 18K 5N rose gold case and dial, creating a warm and luxurious feel. The dial boasts a deeper and more reducing radius guilloche pattern, adding to its visual appeal. The use of rose gold throughout the watch exudes elegance and sophistication.

One of the standout features of this timepiece is its incorporation of a monopusher chronograph, a rarity in the MING collection. The chronograph pusher is cleverly integrated into the crown, maintaining the watch’s sleek and contemporary design. The 38mm case diameter, coupled with its thin bezel and twisted lugs, provides a modern and stylish look.

Underneath the sapphire crystal caseback, you’ll find the LJP 5000.M1 movement, reworked to MING’s specifications by La Joux Perret. With skeletonized bridges and plates finished with a sandblasted rose gold coating, this movement is a work of art.

MING’s attention to detail extends to the strap, crafted by Jean Rousseau, Paris, with a matching rose gold buckle. The watch comes with a handmade travel pouch from Kuala Lumpur, completing the luxurious package.

Priced at $53,180, the MING 37.04 Rose Gold Monopusher is now available for pre-order, with a 50% deposit required for confirmation. The expected delivery date is Q2-2024, so act quickly to secure your spot among the lucky few who will own this exceptional timepiece.

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