Watches A Guide By HODINKEE

Watches: A Guide By HODINKEE

Each of the books’ 9 chapters focuses on a unique element of watchmaking and the impact it has had on our culture.

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In Watches: A Guide by HODINKEE, the esteemed watch retailer puts its passion for timepieces onto the printed page. The 261-page book, created in partnership with Assouline, is a perfect gift for the novice watch collector or the astute aficionado. It features 9 chapters covering the history, uses, and impact of horology on our culture and society, from feats of engineering to expertly crafted timeless designs. Chapters cover a history of watches, chronographs, dive watches, travel watches, military watches, women’s watches, dress watches and industry icons.
This glossy, hardcover coffee-table tome features vivid full-page color photographs and chapters written by expert editors at HODINKEE. It’s a hefty 5.6 pounds and is 13 x 9.75-inch book that is perfect for a binge read or just thumbing through a chapter that catches the reader’s eye.