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Tank Quadcopter Drone

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From coupe-like SUVs to sub-compact CUVs, the automotive industry is ablaze with manufactures carving out niche segments that even consumers didn’t know were necessary. It may be a culmination of people just wanting everything to be all things for them.

Much like the trend in the automotive world, the fairly new drones seem to be taking a similar approach of attempting to cover all grounds — both literally and figuratively — as well. The Tank Quadcopter Drone is a unique drone amongst a sea of other drones that can only take off vertically, adding tank-like feature to its resume allowing it to roam the roads when not in flight. Sounds like it may be the perfect drone for all settings, except that it can only fly or crawl for 9 or 18 minutes, respectively.

Despite its disappointing work hours, the 720p camera should be able to capture a unique perspective that others may not have been able to even attempt to capture.