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Sony HT-A9 High Performance Home Theater System

Introducing Sony’s High-Performance Home Theater System, The HT-A9

The Sony HT-A9 creates an incredibly immersive home theater and soundscape experience for any music, film, or gaming content.

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$ 1,800

The engineers at Sony have come up with a solution for audiophiles to get the most out of their music. They developed the Sony HT-A9 High Performance Home Theater System with 360 Spatial Sound Mapping technology, which effectively creates 12 virtual “phantom” speakers while using only four actual speakers. This allows listeners to get the sense that they are surrounded from all directions since the sound field is optimized throughout the room. Of course, the speakers are suitable for streaming movies and TV as well as music, and accordingly, they pair with an audiovisual control system over HDMI, such as for use in a family’s media room. “The A9 represents a new and powerful era for Sony’s home audio products,” said Daisuke Kawaguchi, Vice President of Home Entertainment & Sound, Sony Electronics Inc. “With best-in-class surround sound that boasts unique optimization features, this new product give anyone the ability to create immersive cinematic experiences without ever leaving their living room.”

The Sony A9 home theater system is ready to go straight out the box – simply plug it in, connect it to the TV using an HDMI cable, and power on. The four included speakers are connected wirelessly with the control box, so there are no cables across the living space. There is no need to rearrange furniture or precisely position the speakers because Sound Field Optimization allows users to place the speakers at different heights and distances. To activate Sound Field Optimization, perform Easy Setup at any time from the TV’s home menu.

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