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New SES MAX Smart Screwdriver Pen Simplifies Technical Repairs

A smart screwdriver for smart products.

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Computer, smartphone, and eyeglass repairs are often left to the professionals. That’s because do-it-yourself projects once required rare tools, an incredibly steady hand, and extreme attention to detail. The SES MAX smart electric screwdriver pen takes much of the stress out of repairing laptops, smartphones, and other small devices. It’s so user-friendly that kids can use it to assemble models or fix toys.

The SES MAX is an updated version of the SES PRO, which won the 2021 Innovative Product Design Award from Red Dot. This new model features several features to simplify the user experience. The SES MAX automatically senses the direction and torque necessary to input or remove even the tiniest screws. The Smart Motion Control System determines how to gently tighten or remove screws based on the movement of your wrist.

The SES MAX features four modes that users can customize on the SES MAX smartphone application. Do-it-yourselfers can auto-save settings to the screwdriver, so it knows the rotation angle and how much torque to power for specific projects.

The goal of the SES MAX smart screwdriver is to simplify repair projects, making them more precise and efficient. It saves at-home users countless dollars in repairs and increases profits for businesses. Consumers can back the project on Kickstarter now, with an expected delivery of December 2022.

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