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The TJB Artist Series: James° × Schoph

The James Brand Launches The TJB Artist Series: James° × Schoph

Both the Hell Gap and Elko feature exclusive artwork that Schoph created for this collaboration.

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The James° Brand (TJB) has announced its latest artist series, and this time their collaborator is none other than ex-snowboarder and UK artist Schoph Schofield, whose designs often resemble stained glass windows. Known for his dark, brooding style contrasted by bright color use, this latest collection is no different. “There is a clear energy in his art that reflects the action sports culture that he’s been a foundational part of,” according to James°. “For our collaboration with Schoph, we created a collection of his favorite TJB products, including the Hell Gap fixed-blade knife and the Elko; both feature exclusive artwork that Schoph created for this collaboration.”

In fact, when The James Brand approached Schoph, one of his conditions for collaboration was the ability to work on The Hell Gap fixed blade knife. Limited to fifty units, the TJB x Schoph Hell Gap features distressed brass scales and a full-grain leather sheath that features Schoph’s art. The Schoph Hell Gap, selling for $379, was sold out as of press time. The Schoph Elko is a folding pocket knife that features a hand-designed, laser-etched snake graphic and Schoph’s signature on the blade. It also features a pry bar that doubles as a key ring, bottle opener, screwdriver, and pry tool. The “little knife that’s always with you” sells for $79 at the TJB Shop.

The cornerstone piece to this collection is a $40 limited-edition, screen-printed, hand numbered, signed poster print that features Schoph’s two-cobra design on 12” x 17” archival paper. Ribbonesque banners show the text “The James Brand: Eat Thunder, Shit Lightning,” a take on a similar quote from the 1976 Academy Award-winning Best Picture Rocky, starring Sylvester Stallone. The poster is available for $40 at the TJB shop along with a $45 long-sleeved t-shirt that mirrors the design.

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