Seriously Strong Coffee kit

Coffee For Caffeine Fiends

The aromatic coffee delivers the tastes of dark treacle, cocoa, and licorice in a viscous, syrup-like body that perfectly channels them.

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$ 20

For coffee connoisseurs, the nuanced differences between varying strains of Arabica beans are something to appreciate. Even those with a strong bite that comes along with high caffeine content have nuanced flavors that can be detected by the most discerning palettes. The Seriously Strong Coffee Kit puts that full-bodied taste into a 50-gram bag accompanied by an enamel mug that makes it easy to enjoy. The potent blend of Brazilian and Honduran coffee beans was perfected at Firebox’s Leeds-based roast house. The aromatic coffee delivers strong flavors from dark treacle to cocoa and licorice. A viscous, syrup-like body is the perfect vehicle to envelop those flavors.

Ground to perfection, this roast is able to be brewed by any coffee maker. This new Firebox creation is accompanied by an enamel bug that features the same logo at the bag the ready-made ground beans come in. That mug surmises the cautionary tale of its intense caffeinated content, as an apt warning for the uninitiated.