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Senic MoodPlay

Unveiling Senic MoodPlay: A Fresh Approach To Sonos Music Control

MoodPlay utilizes MoodBlocks, colorful NFC cards that bring a touch of creativity to your music selection process.

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In the age-old debate of vinyl versus digital, the nostalgic charm of vinyl often wins hearts. However, the experience of handling vinyl records and immersing oneself in album art and liner notes is unmatched. Senic MoodPlay, a wireless accessory for Sonos music systems, takes a bold step toward bridging the gap between physical and digital music experiences.

The Senic MoodPlay, resembling a turntable, offers a unique way to enjoy digital music. Instead of vinyl albums, it uses colorful NFC cards called MoodBlocks. These MoodBlocks, when placed on the MoodPlay, trigger preprogrammed music selections on any Sonos speaker in your home. The MoodPlay, with its elegant design, caters to well-heeled Sonos enthusiasts. While currently available only in EU countries and the U.K., Senic plans to expand its reach soon.

MoodBlocks come in two varieties: preprogrammed by Senic or customizable using the MoodBlocks app. Creative MoodBlocks can be reprogrammed an unlimited number of times, offering versatility and personalization.

The MoodPlay package includes the MoodPlay itself, USB-C power cable, power adapter, preprogrammed Sonos Radio MoodBlock, two creative MoodBlocks, and a sticker pack for labeling creative MoodBlocks.

MoodBlocks allow for a seamless transition from your phone to the MoodPlay. It’s important to note that your phone needs to be NFC-capable, with iPhone 7 or newer for iOS users and Android 8 or newer for Android users. Senic is committed to expanding the MoodPlay’s compatibility beyond the Sonos ecosystem, offering users the potential to program any content accessible through the Sonos app onto MoodBlocks.

In conclusion, MoodPlay is a promising addition to the world of digital music control, adding a tactile and visually engaging aspect to the digital music experience. While it may not replace vinyl nostalgia, it offers a unique alternative for Sonos users looking to combine the convenience of digital music with a touch of physical interaction. With its eye-catching design and innovative MoodBlocks, MoodPlay might find its place in the homes of music enthusiasts and Sonos fans looking for a new way to enjoy their favorite tunes.

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