The Loop Residence By Alexis Dornier Is An Architectural Marvel Defying Gravity In Bali's Jungle - IMBOLDN
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The Loop Residence by Alexis Dornier

The Loop Residence By Alexis Dornier Is An Architectural Marvel Defying Gravity In Bali’s Jungle

Architect Alexis Dornier’s visionary concept takes the form of a mesmerizing Figure 8 spiral, seemingly suspended above a steep slope.

Architect Alexis Dornier has unveiled his latest masterpiece, The Loop Residence, set amidst the lush jungle of Bali. With a bold vision and a profound brief, “we have lived in boxes our entire life – we now seek the opposite,” Dornier embarked on a journey to create a dwelling that defies convention and gravity itself.

The result is a mesmerizing Figure 8 spiral structure that seems to float above the steep slope, offering an ever-changing panorama of the Indonesian flora. The radial layout provides an immersive living experience, liberating residents from the confines of traditional architecture.

Materials like concrete, wood, and natural stone were carefully selected to harmonize the structure with the jungle, adding sophistication to this free-spirited abode. However, The Loop’s unconventional design posed unique challenges, demanding innovative solutions and close collaboration with skilled artisans and clients.

The Loop Residence by Alexis Dornier strategically frames stunning views of the Bali jungle from every room, transforming each space into an oasis of tranquility and discovery. The house seamlessly integrates with its surroundings, blurring the line between nature and architecture.

The completion of The Loop Residence by Alexis Dornier serves as a testament to collaboration, innovation, and boundless creativity. It challenges the ordinary, inspiring all who encounter it to embrace a new way of living and thinking, inviting them to break free from the boxes of the past.

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