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Satechi Aluminum Stand & Hub for iPad Pro

Satechi Launches A Foldable Aluminum Stand & Hub for iPad Pro

The new Satechi Aluminum Hub & Stand transforms your Apple iPad Pro into a functional workstation.

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$ 100

Pushing the envelope of the traditional office layout, the Satechi Aluminum Stand & Hub for iPad Pro successfully combines the convenience of a tablet with the capabilities of a desktop setup. Satechi has designed this stand and hub specifically for Apple iPad Pros — 2018 models and newer. Thanks to its modern aluminum finish and convenient foldable design, this stand is incredibly versatile and perfectly suited for on-the-go use. Among the notable features of the Satechi Aluminum Stand & Hub for iPad Pro include the audio jack port, micro S/D card reader, 4K HDMI, USB-C PD Charging, and USB-A data, which all combine to allow users to create a fully functional workstation, anywhere!

The adjustable hinges of the Satechi stand elevate the iPad Pro, allowing it to sit at an optimal angle for taking Zoom calls or working on a new drawing. The stand even features protective padding, which prevents unwanted scratches and helps to keep the iPad Pro in place throughout any work session. It is also super easy for a user to connect a wireless Bluetooth keyboard to further expand on their work or even play opportunities.

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