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YOHANN MacBook Stand

The Yohann MacBook Stand Creates An Ergonomically Correct Workstation

The MacBook Stand brings a minimalist design aesthetic and the warmth of solid wood to your workplace.

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$ 159+

Many of us using laptops experience the same issues: neck and back tightness and pain, as well as poor posture caused by sitting over the laptop in a hunched position. Yohann, a Swiss manufacturer of premium, wooden accessories for Apple devices, offers the Yohann MacBook Stand to effectively address such issues while also providing an elegant, sculptural stand for your MacBook or MacBook Pro. The purpose of the stand is to promote an upright sitting posture and a comfortable, ergonomic viewing angle for your MacBook or MacBook Pro.

According to Yohann, this stand is compatible with all post-2008 unibody aluminum Apple laptops with a screen size of 11- to 15-inches including MacBook, MacBook Air, and MacBook Pro. Apart from the ergonomic benefits, by raising the computer, the bottom of the laptop will cool more easily and all ports will be clear of obstructions. While many computer stands are made of brushed aluminum, the Yohann Stand is hand-made from a single block of wood. Available in both oak and walnut, the wood used is sustainably grown in northern Italy. The wood is sanded, then finished with oil and wax, bringing out its natural color. In a further nod to sustainability, Yohann pledges to plant five trees for each of its products sold.

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