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Samsung “The Safety Truck”

There is nothing more frustrating than being stuck behind a large rig blocking your view ahead. Buses need to pull over now and then to allow for passengers to get aboard, but when it comes to trucks, they’re on the road for the long haul. You maybe able to play nice for the first few minutes, but soon it may become unbearable so you attempt to pass on a broken yellow only to find out that you can’t see whether there are cars coming on the other side or not.

Not only are these situations frustrating but they can be dangerous as well, leading to minor and major collisions on the road. To reduce this type of risk, Samsung and ad agency Leo Burnett/Buenos Aires introduces an effective solution by streaming a live feed of what is ahead of the truck to those behind. It is kind of like reversing the idea of a rear view monitoring camera that many cars have these days, allowing those driving behind the wall-like trucks to see what is ahead. The large monitors and cameras may add to the cost of the truck, but the added benefit of safety may be well worth the increased price.