Rolls-Royce Electric Plane

Rolls-Royce Introduces An Electric Plane With Zero Emissions

The zero-emission powertrain powering this aircraft is able to continuously delivery 500hp to the plane’s 3 axial electric motors.

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The Accelerating the Electrification of Flight program (ACCEL) takes a huge step forward with the Rolls-Royce Electric Plane. Committed to championing zero-emission engines, this all-electric aircraft is destined to be the world’s fastest with target speeds of more than 300 mph.

The power-dense battery pack at the core of this plane is designed to fly 200 miles on a single charge. Made of 6,000 cells, the battery pack is cooled using an advanced system that ensures optimal performance. The battery pack is also packaged to boost thermal protection while keeping its weight to a minimum. Three high-power density axial electric motors drive the plane’s propeller. Since the blades spin at a much lower rpm than conventional aircraft, the ride is quieter and more stable. These motors continuously deliver more than 500hp. The all-electric powertrain has zero emissions and is 90% energy-efficient.

The next step is pairing this engineering with an innovative electric propulsion system so the Rolls-Royce Electric Plane can make its record-breaking run in late spring 2020.