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Ray-Ban General Sunglasses

Designed as a tribute to General Douglas Macarthur in 1987, the Ray-Ban General Sunglasses receives a modern update.

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General Douglas Macarthur is one of the greatest military heroes of the 20th century. His leadership and achievements have made him a national hero during the two World Wars and Korean War, all while looking effortlessly cool by sporting his iconic Aviators and a pipe in his mouth.

The inseparable image of Ray-Bans and General Macarthur was made popular by the photographs of him landing on the beach in the Philippines in World War II. In 1987, Ray-Ban created the General Sunglasses as a tribute to the pioneering spirit of General Macarthur, which has been updated for the modern sensibility. The reinterpretation stays true to the Aviator spirit, with its bold and iconic design, while updating the shape with more squared lenses and a bold upper bar.