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Proof Moonweight Collection

Lunar Gravity Inspired Proof’s Moonweight Outerwear Collection

It’s a graphene-infused dream.

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Proof already had the right idea by building its outwear collection around nylon. The stuff is strong, lightweight, and water-resistant – hard to ask for much more from a jacket. But Proof asked for more anyway, infusing their outerwear with graphene to increase its durability and improve thermoregulation with its Moonweight Collection.

First, Proof’s Moonweight Puffer Shirt Jacket and its hood-equipped brother are both filled with poly insulation that’s ideally suited for a brisk night of downtown barhopping or just watching the sunrise outside the family camper trailer – preferably with a cup of hot joe. The Puffer Vest proves that sometimes sleeves are superfluous. This featherweight vest keeps cores warm and offers extremities a full range of motion so wearers can savor crisp autumn air and cool early spring days tossing around the pigskin or working on their changeup. A zippable chest pocket keeps flasks (and other essentials) near to your heart.

One of the most amazing things about this collection is how easily it stows away for travel – including the Proof Bomber Jacket. Day travelers can fold it up to fit nicely in the EDC pocket of a Filson bag. Still, even if it gets mixed up with sweatier articles from brisk morning hikes, graphene’s odor-resistant properties will keep it wearable for that rooftop nightcap.

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