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Popup Lighting

Inspired by pop-up books, this deer head popup lighting is the perfect way to add some holiday whimsy to your home.

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When it comes to the most extreme day job in the world, we’d be amiss to not mention what Saint Nick goes through every December, delivering packages to the 2.5 billion households around the world in one night. The real heroes that make it all possible are the reindeers, verging on animal cruelty for the amount of concentrated labor they provide in one night. With the holidays approaching quickly, maybe we can give them their well-deserved recognition with a touch of whimsy while gently illuminating your home?

Popup Lighting offers a range of luminaires inspired by pop-up books. Their Deer Head Popup Lighting may not be in the likeness of reindeers per se, but these deer inspired decorative lamps are a simple way to add some holiday festivities to your home. Available in cardboard or folded aluminum, the wall-mounted lamp casts a silhouette of horns when the light is on, adding to the ambiance.