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Paper Shoot Camera

The DIY, Pocket-Sized Paper Shoot Camera

The Paper Shoot case is cut out of “stone paper,” a material made from powdered stone.

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$ 120

The Paper Shoot Camera makes the art of photography simple. It is an excellent choice for Lomography since the primary goal of street art photography is low-fi, not high-fi images. The camera is digital, but its limited effects give the photos a look and feel of Instamatic film. Both experienced and new photographers can enjoy this point-and-shoot camera. George Lin, the company’s founder, says his mission was to create a simple and elegant camera that anyone could use. Today, he says, his invention is the world’s leading eco-friendly camera.

Each Paper Shoot Camera board is durable and water-resistant stone paper. This minimalist camera has a one-button system—On, Off, and Shoot. It boasts 16MP CMOS image resolution, automatic exposure, automatic white balance, and four primary color effects: normal, black and white, sepia, and blue. Additionally, the Paper Shoot Camera supports standard and Wi-Fi SD Cards up to 32GB, and there is also a micro-USB jack. It is compatible with Windows 10, earlier Windows operating systems, and MAC OS. Plus, there are a host of accessories, including time-lapse and a 1080p, 10sec Video Recorder. Photographers can order uniquely designed preprinted camera faces or customize a look of their own. Either way, Paper Shoot Camera products require DIY Assembly.

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