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LifeLabs Megawarm Jacket

LifeLabs Unveils The MegaWarm Jacket: The Warmest Jacket On Earth

WarmLife is a new textile that reflects 100 percent of a human’s radiant heat back to the body.

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LifeLabs has just announced the release of a landmark product dubbed the MegaWarm Jacket, an item that the brand claims is the “warmest jacket on Earth.” LifeLabs was founded by Stanford University’s Dr. Yi Cui, one of the world’s leading energy scientists, and Scott Mellin, a veteran in the apparel industry. The company is dedicated to creating innovative products that help humans stay comfortable in a changing world and, at the same time, make a difference in the battle against climate change. LifeLabs has developed a new textile, called WarmLife technology, that reflects 100% of a human’s radiant heat back to their body. Using a nano-layer of aluminum (about one paper clip’s worth), the jacket achieves the highest CLO rating in the world at 9.25, which means that it is approximately 38% warmer than even the famed Canada Goose Snow Mantra Parka.

Using ethically sourced 800 fill power goose down, the LifeLabs MegaWarm Jacket is ultra-packable and lightweight, providing exceptional freedom of movement. It is also breathable, yet fully waterproof. LifeLabs has managed to produce a jacket that uses much less material to keep the user warm and toasty. The MegaWarm Jacket is constructed with 87 percent recycled materials by fabric weight. LifeLabs uses 100 percent recycled polyester labels, sewing thread, recycled zippers (YKK Natulon), and the trims used are 50 percent bio-based, made from agricultural waste from rice stems and husks.

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