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Orah 4i VR Camera

Live stream 4K 360 degree video through this easy to use VR camera.

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With 360-degree cameras and virtual reality devices quickly gaining mainstream popularity, it’s become easier to share immersive experiences that go beyond traditional photographs and videos. It’s the next best thing to actually being present at the event, and the Orah 4i VR Camera takes things even further by simplifying the complex process of capturing 360-degree video while also offering live streaming capabilities.

It shoots 4K 360-degree footage via four 170-degree wide-angle lenses that gets processed into one seamless footage. There are also four microphones on the device which allows for an ambisonic listening experience, so that you can experience sound coming from all around you when listing through headphones. Whats more, the Orah 4i offers impressive video quality that can also be live streamed through Youtube, making this the perfect device for sporting events, news, concerts, and more.