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Nomad Leather Cover for MagSafe

Nomad’s New Apple Compatible Accessory: A Leather Cover For The MagSafe Charger

The case has a soft microfiber interior and minimally treated, vegetable-tanned leather on the outside.

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Prolific accessory maker, Nomad, has just released a leather-wrapped MagSafe charging puck cover, aimed at improving both the look and the usability of Apple’s design. The Nomad Leather Cover for MagSafe has a “soft microfiber interior” and “minimally treated, vegetable-tanned leather” on the outside from “one of America’s oldest tanneries.” The Apple MagSafe Charger you likely already own can be given an extra layer of personality with this new Nomad accessory made with ultra-luxe Horween leather. The casing attaches using “microsuction,” so it generally does not require any additional element to stay attached to the charger. However, the case does also include microsuction tape in the event users find the fit too loose.

Nomad’s Leather Cover slightly increases the size of Apple’s MagSafe puck but this is what Nomad intended. Apple’s puck is arguably a little too thin when you want to remove it one-handed. It is common to remove the puck not by taking hold of it, but rather by grabbing the cable first. With Nomad’s casing, users will find a very slightly raised side area which makes it much easier to remove one-handed from the iPhone when charging is complete. Like all of Nomad’s leather goods, over time it will develop its own rich patina that is unique to the user. Nomad is offering the Leather Cover for MagSafe in both Black and Rustic Brown.

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