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Universal Pictures Releases The Riveting Official Trailer For ‘Nobody’

The newly-released ‘Nobody’ trailer promises a thrilling, fast-moving tale of retribution.

Universal Pictures has released the first trailer for the new action-thriller ‘Nobody,’ featuring Emmy winner and ‘Better Call Saul’ star, Bob Odenkirk. Directed by Ilya Naishuller (‘Hardcore Henry’) and written by Derek Kolstad (all three ‘John Wick’ movies), Odenkirk plays former soldier Hutch Mansell, a husband and father who fails to defend his family when their house is robbed. Mansell’s wife, Becca and son Blake, played by Connie Nielsen and Gage Munroe respectively, can’t hide their disappointment in Mansell’s lack of action. To compound matters, the humiliation he feels, and the pity he gets from neighbors and co-workers, unleashes something in Hutch, igniting a long-simmering rage that sets him on a trip down a treacherous path.

While Bob Odenkirk is best known for creating one of the greatest sketch-comedy series of all-time (‘Mr. Show’) and for playing a crooked lawyer (‘Breaking Bad’ and ‘Better Call Saul’). He is not known as an action movie star. But, as the trailer shows, he is more than capable of going full John Wick, ensuring that he will never be underestimated as a nobody again. ‘Nobody’ comes out in theaters on February 26, 2021.