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Pokemon And Nendo Partner To Introduce The Nendo Pokemon Card Game Kit

The ‘premium’ trading card game set is built around classics like Charizard, Venusaur, and Blastoise.

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$ 250

The wonderfully collectible game Pokemon has a new look, thanks to the Japanese design firm Nendo. The new kit, available in limited quantities, seamlessly blends the minimalist design Nendo is known for with actual Pokemon gameplay. The collaboration is the first-ever play kit created for the Pokemon Card Game, allowing Pokemon fans to take their game anywhere.

The Nendo Pokemon Card Game Kit includes everything needed to set up and play Pokemon. The kit consists of three decks, totaling 60 cards. There is the possibility of some duplicate or multiple cards due to how the card decks are assembled. The kit includes a case with a specially designed play mat, three deck shield sets, three flip cases, two markers for burns, two silver balls, and one tool. Nendo designed the kit to neatly pack away, with an integrated place for each game element, creating a tidy, simplistic, and minimalist design. In partnership with Pokemon, Nendo has overseen the entire design and development of the limited kit, creating the perfect opportunity for collectors to own a unique piece of Pokemon history.

The price for the Nendo Pokemon Card Game Kit is 35,000 yen, or about $250. Due to the anticipated high demand and low production quantity, a lottery is now open for interested parties with Japanese addresses to enter. Winners will be notified on April 26, 2023, with a chance to purchase the game about three weeks later (the date still to be announced). The new Pokemon kits are scheduled to ship sometime in late October 2023.